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'Music was my First love...@

For many singing is both fun and therapeutic. The lively "Drop In" event each Thursday afternoon invites anyone to join in the repertoire of various songs across the popular music genre.

Under the direction of Allan and Sheila and accompanied by our virtuoso pianist, Kim, the group gathers together to work as a small choir.

it is above all fun and a place to make new friends and enjoy creating music together in a warm and energising atmosphere.

The group have regularly performed at open days at the centre and equally performed "gigs" at other various venues.

For me personally, music is in my blood and a way of life that has helped me through in good times and bad.

As the famous song goes:

"Music was my first love and it shall be my last. Music of the future, music of the past. To live without my music would be impossible to do, and in this world of trouble, my music pulls me through.

Thank you Singing4Fun.

Raymond Lewis July 2015


Singing for fun...

... is a combination of both. We learn singing techniques from a professional singing coach and the overwhelming atmosphere is of fun and enjoyment.

It can be a bit exuberant at times, but we are good-naturedly brought back in line. Over the years we have covered many song styles – enough for each preference and age group. We are a very mixed bunch of people, and we all seem to find something of value. The group is all-inclusive and non-judgemental. The social side involves chatter, laughter, meeting and making friends. We are all able to be “as we are”, while the singing provides a healthy physical and mental workout – my asthma is less of a problem. Hesitant people are accepted and their confidence grows. I have watched people blossom as they feel themselves valued. Shy people who at first sit quietly at the back often come out of themselves, standing and swaying (even dancing) to the music.

For the people who find joy and sanctuary here this group is an enormous boost to their sense of well-being and a jewel in their social calendar.

Pat Ogley

June 2015